Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 6

Another gorgeous day touring the countryside of western Washington State. I skipped visiting the first lighthouse on our list in favor of following my new friends Bill and BJ who are locals of the Tacoma area. They drive a Pleasureway Pursuit, which is roomier than my Lexor, but equally agile.

Bill and BJ showed me Twanoh State Park on the Hood Inlet. The fiord is shallow, hence the water gets warm in summer.

Bill spent many happy times as a child swimming, boating, and fishing there. He and BJ provided the same enjoyment for their children.

The drive from Gig Harbor to the Pacific Coast -— where we would find Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse — took about three hours — a little more if you count my stop in Aberdeen for a nap.

Gray’s lighthouse is Washington’s tallest.

It was closed, giving those of us who wanted one, an excuse not to climb its 132 steps.

Tim O’Malley, our fearless leader, had made rezzies for us at the American Sunset RV Park just six minutes from the lighthouse.

It’s in the fishing village of Westport where some of us (including Hans and Merrilee in the video) went to have a look around, and where most of us gathered for a fish and chips dinner at Beckett’s on the main drag.

Tomorrow we follow the coast southward 111 miles to the next grouping of lighthouses and the mouth of the Columbia River.

I am going to insert one more video of the American Sunset RV Park just to give them a plug. The new owners were great and the park has everything. Only tip, Verizon works better then my T-Mobile hence this latish post.

Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 5

Finally we get to the lighthouses.

After a short visit to the adorable town of Coupeville, my group of 20 PleasureWay owners took a ferry to Port Townsend. Here is Ramsey on his first boat ride.

A short drive later we inspected the Point Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend. The current building was erected in 1913.

From there it was about an hour and a half to the next stop, which has a funny name, the Point No Point Lighthouse. The original was built on 1882.

Along the way we passed a house built from the remnants of a boat. It’s for sale in case you are interested. I didn’t catch the asking price.

Now we are settled for the night at the Gig Harbor RV Resort though we can’t see a harbor anywhere.

This is what a heard of PleasureWays looks like grazing on a hill.

I’ll insert the screenshots of our route below.

And here are some extra shots I liked.

Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 4 – Anacortes, Washington

Ok, no pix of lighthouses yet, but I promise some tomorrow.

As I wrote in my last post, I spent last night in the driveway of my college roommate’s house in Portland.

This isn’t going to seem like a big deal to most of you, but it was the first time in the year I have been camping in Ramsey that I reached a perfect pitch on my leveler. The bubble was in the exact middle. (The rig needs to be somewhat level to turn on the propane for the fridge.)

Jane and I had a great visit then I aimed my GPS toward Anacortes.

You might notice that there are two national parks close to the route, and, as some of you know, my goal in the next ten years is to see all the national parks in the contiguous USA. But I learned they are still snowed in. Another time.

The most eventful moments driving up Interstate 5 were crossing through Portland and Seattle, both along waterways spanned by a sculptural maze of concrete motorways.

The landscape of Anacortes is very different. We are staying in the Fidalgo Bay RV Resort facing gorgeous Washington coastline as well as a Shell Oil refinery.

There is a great path for walking Annie.

The above public art piece invites you to add anything you are inspired to contribute.

Best of all, it is a place to experience some peace. (The noise in the background was a man closing his awning.)

I’ve met up with our PleasureWay group.

Tomorrow we’ll hit the road and start our eight-day tour lighthouse hopping.

Lighthouse Road Trip – Days 2 & 3 – Crater Lake & Portland

As mentioned in the last post, I’m on my way from Marin County in California to Anacortes, Washington, to meet up with fellow Pleasureway owners to cruise the lighthouses on the Pacific Coast. My brainstorm to post everyday using my iPhone got busted when I traveled through national forests and parks with no cell service. So, this is a recap of yesterday.

From Andersen, I drove through Shasta-Trinity National Park and over Shasta Lake.

Soon, Mount Shasta himself loomed ahead.

The Castle Crags towered to my left.

I turned off Interstate 5 (old Hwy 99) to Hwy 97 at Weed.

Then, as you can see from the screenshot above, it’s just over two and a half hours to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

Before climbing the mountain that was once a huge volcano and now a bowl of water, I drove through a beautiful green valley that, said a roadside placard, is at the same altitude as the bottom of Crater Lake.

20 minutes later, Annie and I were in a place that gets more snow than any other inhabited place in the US.

Only a short section of the Rim Toad is open. I had to be happy with what I could see of the continent’s deepest lake from Rim Village.

There was also a terrific movie about the lake played every half hour in the visitor center. After getting my National Parks Passport stamped, I retraced my steps to the town of Chiloquin on Hwy 97 where the Parks Ranger told me I could find two good campgrounds.

Colliers State Campground to the right was crowded. I then went to Williams on the left, run by the US Forest Service. Perfect. And only $5/night with my National Parks Senior Pass.

The next day (this morning) I was off to Portland where I am spending the night in Ramsey parked in the driveway of my college roommate Jane’s house. Tomorrow I make my final trek to Anacortes and you will start seeing some lighthouses in my photos.

Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 1 – Andersen WalMart

This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone as a road trip progresses. On May 6, I will meet up with 20 other PleasureWay Class B RV owners in Anacortes WA. From there we will cruise south along the Pacific Coast from lighthouse to lighthouse, ending our “rolling rally” in Trinidad CA. First leg, get to Anacortes from Marin County CA.

Yesterday, I made it to Andersen at the northern end of California’s Central Valley. I was aiming for Redding 12 miles farther, but I called the WalMart there and learned that a city ordinance prevents them from allowing RVs to park overnight. The ‘associate’ helpfully suggested I call the Andersen WalMart and here I am. I’ve seen so many videos about staying at WalMarts that I’m excited to finally try it.

I arrived around 7:30 and took Annie for a walk enjoying a warm evening. I then steamed some asparagus to go with the roast chicken I’d bought at Sprouts and ate while watching the world go by in the Andersen super center. What a kick.

Tomorrow I head to Crater Lake National Park.

Death Valley, not a great place for an old dog.

A trip I intended to last five days turned into a three-day dash to, through, and from Death Valley. Annie, my fourteen-year-old corgi, did not do well in the heat, which is why I cut the trip short. It was still an amazing get-out-to-see-my-country experience. Here’s the vlog.

And here’s the route.